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Every Door Direct Mail

We Are The Specialists

With The Lowest Pricing

Example - Send 5,000 ( 6" x 12" )
Jumbo Post Cards
to Your Targeted Prospects
Turn-Key for Only .43 Cents Each!
Higher Quantities Lower Price
25,000 Pieces as Low As .35 Cents Each!

That is 20-28 Cents Less
Than a Postage Stamp @63CENTS
with everything included...

  • CUSTOM DESIGNED - You Approve Proof

  • PRINTED - High Quality Offset

  • TARGETED - Radius Surrounding Your Business / Your Choice

  • MAILING SERVICES - Preparation, delivery & paperwork

  • POSTAGE PAID - Included in Pricing

  • DISTRIBUTED - Direct to Door Residences & Businesses

Anywhere in the Continental USA !

Call  253-251-2059

And We Will Help Walk You Through

Choosing Your Cart Sort Routes

EDDM 6.5x12 Mailing Promo-052219 B-FRONT

Front:  Example of Jumbo 6" x 12" 16Pt Card Stock Post Card

EDDM 6.5x12 Mailing Promo-052219-BACK -

Back:  Example of Jumbo 6" x 12" 16Pt Card Stock Post Card

 There are NO EXTRA DISCOUNTS offered

for EDDM Mailings as we HAVE the LOWEST RATES

all orders are prepaid by PayPal Invoice !


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