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File uploads are simple...

Files can only be uploaded with an order for products.

1. Find the product you want in the Online Store

2. Select Your choice and the associated options

3. Click on File Uploads

4. Select the file or files you want to upload for review

5 Go to check-out and process your order

Your order will now have an Order # that your files you uploaded will be associated with and archived for review and proof approvals.

There is NO payment due until we have reviewed your files for proof approval... if your files are OK we will send you proofs for your approval along with a digital invoice you can pay and then have your order proceed to production.

If your files are marked as "PRINT AS IS" because you are confident they are correct ... we will send your submitted files for your order to production and you can pay at the same time you place your order. This will save 24-72 hours in the turnaround time... to generate proofs, submit for your approval, wait for you to respond, generate invoice and wait for you to pay!

any questions please e-mail us at




Thank You!

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